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In the Community

Edmonton is home to the largest urban park area in North America, and it is utilized by thousands of people every day – people of all ages and abilities. ERSARA encourages everyone to enjoy the outdoors safely and to be prepared before heading out. To help with this, we offer a number of educational programs designed for people of any age, as well as an Outdoor Trip Planner to help you plan your outdoor adventure.

AdventureSmart Hug a Tree and Survive Programme – Teaches children (aged 5–12) how best to prevent becoming lost in the woods, and what to do if they should become lost. Participants receive a coloring book, Fox 40 whistle and emergency shelter.

AdventureSmart Survive Outside Programme – Focuses on Trip Planning and the Code of Responsibility, tips for safe travel and the 10 Essentials. This course is intended for individuals 12 years and older, and participants receive a trip planner.

Community Emergency Preparedness Programme – Community Emergency Preparedness is about individuals and families preparing to survive for 72 hours in the event of a disaster in their neighborhood. ERSARA presenters will bring awareness to the types of disasters that can occur in Edmonton, and help you start planning an emergency preparedness kit for your home.

When considering a programme please suggest 2 – 3 dates and times so we can do our best to schedule you for a course. Although the courses are offered at no cost, donations to ERSARA are welcome, but not expected.

To book a program please contact us at psar@ersara.com. You can also request a presentation directly from the Adventuresmart site. Link below.