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Since 1996, ERSARA has been there to help find missing and lost people. We are a non-profit, charitable organization of unpaid professionals trained extensively in Ground SAR to respond to search emergencies in urban or rural settings, including disaster areas. We concentrate most of our time searching for the subject on land, but our training reflects a wide range of SAR. This includes ground search techniques, survival tracking, navigation, evidence and much more. Our services can only be tasked by law enforcement agencies.

Our mission is “to provide trained volunteers for search and rescue, emergency response and public safety.” Search and rescue is becoming more recognized as a necessary agency for finding people in distress and there will always be a call for volunteers to fulfill this need. Please see our membership and training page to learn about how to join ERSARA.

Our members are involved in the community, and attend many events to promote awareness. We also offer programs to prepare people for the outdoors. Please visit our Community page to see what we offer.

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“This is Who We Are”