Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join ERSARA?
Read our information package to the right, and e-mail your application to When it gets closer to recruitment time, you will be notified of the orientation date. If you're still interested after attending that, an interview will be scheduled, and a security clearance. A non-refundable registration fee ($75) is required of successful candidates prior to training.

What kind of members are you looking for?
People who have a desire to help others, who don't mind working outside in all weather conditions, at any time of day or year. Good physical condition is needed for searching, but we also need people in support roles where it isn't. All your training will be provided.

How often does ERSARA recruit?
Usually every 2 years. Our next recruitment is planned for 2016. Keep watching for any updates as this can change.

I am already trained these areas. Is it still mandatory for me to take them with ERSARA?
Yes, with the exception of Standard First Aid.

How often do you get called out?
It varies year to year, but it's usually around 15.

What kind of equipment will I need before I join?
To start, just good outdoor clothes, including hiking boots. As a new recruit there is no rush to buy anything as we will give you a chance to try out as much equipment as possible during your training so you'll know what works for you when the time comes to purchase your own.

I'm a member of the RCMP, can I still join ERSARA?
Yes, it's just a different process. Due to the searches we participate in, we have to limit the number of our members that come from public safety professions (police, fire, EMS, military). These members have the same training and recruitment requirements, but are voted in by the Regular membership, can not hold an elected position and do not have voting priviledges. It may take longer than normal to go through this process.

Do I get to go searching right away?
No. As a new recruit with ERSARA, you must complete your basic training in order to go out on searches, but all members are allowed to participate in all other non-search activities.

If I know someone is missing, can I ask ERSARA to go look for them?
No. Law enforcement agencies are the only ones who can call out a SAR team.

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All applications received after August 12, 2016 will be held until our next recruitment drive in 2018.

Please print and read our info package and application. Inquiries & applications must be e-mailed to:

All members MUST:
1. be over 18
2. have a clean criminal record
3. have access to a vehicle 24/7